Friday, January 21, 2011

Enriching the Lives of My Children

I am feeling inspired. I am reading wonderful blogs and seeing moms enriching their kids lives. I see what they are doing and think I can offer my kids something unique and fun. But I don't want to just copy what I have seen done before.

Maybe a special snack time would be good.

Okay, maybe snacktime is not my forte. I wonder what else can I do. Art is supposed to help a child develope well. But where did I put the paper? Oh well. The bigger the better, right?

That art stuff sure is a mess to clean up. I think I should stick to something a bit cleaner. How about some role playing? It is always good for kids to dress up like their role model.

I wonder if I should buy some other dress up clothes?

A friend did a wonderful job building an indoor sandbox but she has tile floors. I don't. Hmm... Maybe they can build with boxes.

That worked for a bit in the fall but what of winter. What do my kids like more than snacks and more than boxes? I've got it. I need to find a way for them to play in water. Now just how to do that? The bathtub won't be worked on until next week and they are scared of the shower. What to do....what to do? I ask my youngest if he has any good ideas and he goes right to showing off his ingenuity.

Maybe I should stay away from creative parenting.